Nature Strips & Climate Change

Help change the world one nature strip garden at a time

  • grow shade to cool the suburbs (and lower your power bill)
  • make the streets walkable
  • create habitat for wildlife and pollinators
  • engage with your neighbours and start local conversations
  • provide everyday interactions with nature for yourself and your community

Nature strips for climate change focus on supporting street trees and planting native shrubs, grasses and groundcovers for wildlife habitat. (And they’re better for people too.)

Dec 2019 – even though it is exceptionally hot and dry, the strawflowers / paper daisies provide spectacular colours and attract native bees and butterflies.

Native gardens are low maintenance – less work than lawn, use less water, don’t use fossil fuels, produce no waste.

Many councils already have guidelines that allow you to start now. (directory on Shady Lanes). See my tips for getting started on your own verge garden or nature strip, and follow naturestrips on facebook.

For larger projects, see how we can scale up the planting of nature strips in towns and cities around the country with the Shady Lanes Project.