Feedback from Passers-by

The garden on my nature strip is now a couple of years old. It has gone through the seasons twice. The street tree and Westringia are well established. The Austromyrtus tenuifolia (midgen berry) are growing slowly. Several of the Dianella clumps, the Kangaroo Paws, and the Dwarf Banksia are doing ok despite a harsh summer.

The responses from neighbours and other pedestrians has been almost invariably positive, although it hasn’t yet inspired any to follow suit. One neighbour got a street tree from the council but it is surrounded by grass. [continue reading…]

Maintenance of Verge Gardens

Despite being public land, the cost of maintaining the verges in Australian cities usually falls to the residents or owners of individual properties.

Many councils have guidelines setting out what you can do on the verge, many provide free street trees, and some even provide plants for residents to plant.

Let’s face it though, not everybody is a gardener. Some don’t have the interest, others don’t have time or commitment. But all is not lost. [continue reading…]